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Architectural detailing

at UNStudio, Amsterdam

Metro stations in Qatar:
UNStudio designs the future metro line stations for the city of Doha in Qatar. Main product is an architectural branding manual, which consists of a set of design guidelines, architectural details and material outlines that will assure the spatial quality and clarity of the network and will be used by the appointed D&B contractors to implement and deliver the individual stations. Menno worked in 2014/2015 on the architectural detailing of facades, vertical connections, public facilities and signage elements.

FOUR in Frankfurt:
The project FOUR consists of 4 high rise towers on top of a low rise plinth in the city center of Frankfurt. The total floor area of 220.000 m² will host offices, hotels, housing, food court, health care, kindergarten and underground parking. Menno worked in 2017/2018 as freelancer on the architectural design and was responsible for the internal coordination of the extensive drawing structure.

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