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Artist Studios IJmeer

Amsterdam (NL)


Only 20 minutes by boat away from the busy city centre of Amsterdam, lays the quiet lake IJmeer. Its size allows to see only a stripe of land of the opposite and its coastline is very diverse, some parts with a rich history. Four small studios spread around the lake offer temporary places for artists-in-residence to work and sleep. The design of every studio is inspired by its specific location and influences therefore the way the resident lives in it, the view he has to the outside world and the way he is exposed to the passengers. Every Sunday ferries from Amsterdam can make a round trip, offering curious people to visit the four artists on their locations. This way, the link between city and lake is strengthened, preserving the quiet emptiness of its nature.


Study project | Location: four deserted spots around the lake IJmeer near Amsterdam NL | Program: four studios for temporary artists-in-residence | Architect: Menno Trautwein | Period: 2011

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