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Cinema Gouda

Gouda (NL)


The director of this cinema wanted something special: a cinema theatre that would attract all inhabitants of Gouda and surrounding cities, by its charm, special comfort and high quality of sound and image. Given that the plot of the cinema is situated next to a noisy avenue and busy train station, the six highly insulated theatre halls were positioned in the heart of the building and wrapped by the foyers and public corridors. As a consequence of this configuration, the routing within the cinema became a glamorous experience. The main theatre hall got a revolutionary 3d Dolby Atmos sound system and some VIP seats. Especially innovative are the 30 prefabricated composite facade elements, measuring 13 x 3,6 x 0,3 meters each and with circle shaped glazing in different sizes and positions. The facade, with its playful openings, results in spectacular views from outside to inside and vice versa, especially at night.


Location: northern railway zone Gouda NL | Program: 6 movie theatre halls, two foyers, 600m2 retail | Client: Stichting De Goudse Schouwburg | Architects: Menno Trautwein, Bart Duvekot, Jan Verberne | Period: 2012-2014 | Phase: completed

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