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Renovation senior housing

Huizen (NL)


After 35 years of use, the apartment complex for senior people needed upgrading to fit with modern needs and wishes of its inhabitants. Besides renewing the glazing and ventilation of the apartments, we upgraded all the collective spaces and technical equipments. While renovating the exterior access corridors, we added extra balconies to it, to offer the residents a comfortable place to sit in the southern sun. Using a self supporting steal structure, filled in with glass panels and textile nets, the facade changed from a back facade, to a lively front facade. We opened up the facades of the dark elevator halls and brought in natural materials such as stone pavers on the floor and wood for the stairs.


Location: Loefzij in Huizen NL | Program: renovation of 72 senior apartments and its common spaces | Client: housing corporation De Alliantie Ontwikkeling in Huizen | Architects: Menno Trautwein, Bart Duvekot | Period: 2006-2010 | Phase: completed


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