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Living in a carriage house

Minderbroederssteeg in historic Gouda

After determining that most parts of this monumental building (Rijksmonument) had a history of ages, including the wooden floors and roof structure, we managed to puzzle three nice 3-story dwellings inside, giving this building the revival that it deserves. The big old wooden doors will give access to a collective entrance. At both sides of the pitched roof, 3 new dormer windows are added cladded with rusted corten steel. The dormer windows at the backside also hide the three individual air/water heat pumps.

Location: Minderbroederssteeg in Gouda | Program: from decayed storage building into 3 dwellings  | Client: private investor | Architects: Menno Trautwein in collaboration with ir bart duvekot architecten | Period: 2020-current | Phase: building permit received in 2021, building execution started

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