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Mosveld Covered Market

Amsterdam (NL)


By turning the current degraded open air market into a highly sustainable and low threshold covered food market, this project aims to promote a healthier and environmentally conscious lifestyle and to work as a social-economic engine for a rather underdeveloped neighbourhood of Amsterdam North. The accessibility of the very central location is improved, giving more space to the slow and local traffic. In the design for the market, the whole cycle of food and energy production & consumption is represented in a visible, and many times, interactive way, stimulating the curiosity of its visitors. Different from the temporary, monofunctional and generic character of Dutch street markets of today, the architecture proposed for Mosveld Market stands out for the diversity of its program, the flexibility of its space, and for its connection with the local history and culture. Protected from Dutch rainy climate by a huge concrete roof, Mosveld Market is the ideal place to be enjoyed 24/7, along the year.


Graduation project Academy of Architecture Amsterdam NL | Location: Mosveld Square in Northern Amsterdam NL | Program: 25.000 m2 square containing covered open and acclimatized market, horeca, educational glass house, installations for bio-gas water purifying, solar and wind energy production, cultivated gardens, little farm, service area | architect: Menno Trautwein | Period: 2012-2014

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