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Weekend house Goulart

private dwelling in

Nova Friburgo (Brazil)


To spend the weekends in the fresh and clean mountain air, a family from Rio de Janeiro builds a holiday house in a quiet neighbourhood of Nova Friburgo. The chosen plot is inclined, providing a lot of privacy to its inhabitants, and a marvellous view on the three Catarina Mountains. The layout of the house is organized towards this view and offers integration between the living room, a spacious kitchen and a future open air cooking/dining space, those three, very important spaces for this social family. The sleeping rooms, being the most private part of the program, are situated in the back part of the building. Surrounding the house, a beautiful garden will grow, giving extra privacy and a relaxing atmosphere to the family.


Location: neighbourhood Santa Eliza in Nova Friburgo, Brazil | Program: family house | Architects: Menno Trautwein, Isabela Ledo | Fotography: Tiago Tardin | Period: 2015-2019 | Phase: completed

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