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Lively corridor

upgrade of existing apartment interior

With two daughters growing up, the family was in need of an extra bedroom. Moving to another house was not preferable, since living in this part of the city center at a quiet and green pedestrian square and being part of a unique tenants association is a hidden treasure. The family asked us to come up with suggestions and we ended up demolishing a big deal of the internal walls, turning the narrow corridor into a more open and light living space. By using a combination of movable panels, glass, shutters and surprising views, the corridor changes along the day. Just like in the times of Rembrandt, the parents are sleeping now in a “bedstee”, a tiny cosy space which is exactly the size of the bed. Materials: beach plywood and maple wood frames.

Location: A.S. Onderwijzerhof in Amsterdam | Program: interconnect living spaces by opening up the corridor, adding a bedroom in a former closet | Client: private family| Architects: Menno Trautwein and Isabela Ledo | Carpenter: Michäel Winnubst |Period: 2020-2021 | Phase: completed

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