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Renovation Oudenhoflaan

Oegstgeest (NL)


When the family bought the house in 2017, it was nearly in the original state of when it was built in 1953. The insulation of the facades was nihil and the heating system was outdated. The renovation plan consisted of adding insulation to the inside of all outer walls, roof and ground floor, renewing of all exterior windows, adding thermal glass and applying a low temperature floor heating system to all floors that can be easily connected to a sustainable heat pump system on a later stage.
At the garden side, the ground floor is extended with 25m², offering the family a private and sunny place to cook, eat and play.


Location: Oudenhoflaan, Oegstgeest NL| Program: new extension and total renovation| Client: family Kortenhorst-Wieringa| Builder: Bouwbedrijf van der Geest Oud-Ade | Architect: Menno Trautwein | Period: 2017-2018 | Phase: completed

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