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Competition Patio School

space to be permeable

(Brasilia, Brazil)


In order to strengthen the relationship between the individual and the collective, as well as indoor and outdoor life, this proposal for the Children Education Center in Brasilia, is designed as a Patio School. The main rooms are situated in a ring structure, seeking the terrain limits with activities, dormitory and solarium. The skin between the two worlds is constructed as cobogó, a typical Brazilian half-open wall, that contributes to the fresh and permeable ambience, still in subtle contact with the outdoor world. This approach results in welcoming indoor spaces, and at the same time encourages collective exchange and access to public use in its large central court: a patio open for outdoor educational and cultural experiments, not only for the school children, but also for the new build neighbourhood.


Public national competition | Location: Parque do Riacho in Brasilia, Brazil | Program: Children Education Center | Client: Companhia de Desenvolvimento Nacional do Distrito Federal | Architects: Menno Trautwein in colaboration with Zeca Franco, Cesar Jordão, Ana Altberg, Mariana Meneguetti | Period: January-March 2016

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