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Playhouse De Halve Wereld

Amsterdam (NL)


The “Vogelhuis” (Dutch for “Birdhouse”) was specially designed for the collective garden of the housing complex De Halve Wereld, in the centre of Amsterdam. The request was a design that could fit with the surrounding garden and with the lifestyle of the complex its inhabitants. The concept of a bird’s house arose from the cosiness that it evokes. The asymmetric walls and roof pieces break the monotony of the design and stimulate the imagination of the children. The playhouse was entirely built with European robinia wood, for the low maintenance and beautiful natural character of this material. The Vogelhuis was partly assembled by the residents of the Halve Wereld, giving an extra social value to project.


Location: collective garden of housing complex in centre of Amsterdam NL | Program: children playhouse | Client: housing collective De Halve Wereld | Architects: Isabela Ledo, Menno Trautwein | Period: 2012 | Phase: completed


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