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Cookie factory transformed into housing

Punselie factory location in the old center of Gouda

Since 1872 the Punselie family ran a cookie factory on this historical spot in the old center of Gouda. In the coming years the factory will be relocated out of the city, to make place for housing. In close collaboration with architect Bart Duvekot and advised by historical experts, we are analysing each building on the site to determine its cultural value, in order to come to a balanced combination of old and new architectural elements. Because of the depth of the urban building block and the durability targets of the municipality, our aim is to realise a public accessible green inner court yard that gives access to some of the inner dwellings and connects all the apartment to this collective space.

Location: Punselie factory complex between Spieringstraat and Tuinstraat in Gouda | Program: transformation from cookie factory to approximately 19 appartements around a public accessible green court yard | Client: Punseliehof BV | Architects: Menno Trautwein in collaboration with ir bart duvekot architecten | Period: 2021-current | Phase: 2 building permits received, 2 pending

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