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Home extension Castricum

connecting kitchen with garden


The wish of the family was to extent the house a few meters to the garden, to have more kitchen work space, to have bigger window openings for more daylight, to have a secondary kitchen entrance for the sandy shoes coming from the nearby beach, and to replace the big brickwork garage by a smaller garden shed with a work table.

While studying different spatial configurations of the interior versus the garden in 3d, we found out that the house extension could become even more generous than expected, changing the garden from a narrow deep shape into a more wide shaped space. The wooden beams spanning from side to side and the fully openable folding doors façade emphasize that experience of horizontality and strengthen the connection between inside and outside. Since the current balcony is little used, the roof can be covered by succulents and some flowering herbs.

Location: Torenstraat in Castricum | Program: family house extension | Client: private family | Architect: Menno Trautwein | Photos: Marjon & Herman | Period: 2019-2020 | Phase: completed

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