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Low energy wooden dwelling

double backyard house in Zevenhuizen

On a plot between the houses of the Dorpsstraat and the canal behind, we realized a compact house for two small households. It got the shape of a classical house with a gabled roof, with photovoltaic panels on the southern roof and green on the northern roof. The structure is completely built in wood, as well as the transparent coated Accoya wood window frames and the black painted cladding. Because of the tiny building site, walls, floors and roof are prefabricated and hoisted on site in few weeks. In order to use an air/water heat pump, the building has a higher energy efficiency then prescribed in legislation at that time.

Location: Dorpsstraat in Zevenhuizen | Program: energy efficient double dwelling in the left over backyard | Client: VDJ Vastgoed B.V. | Architects: Menno Trautwein in collaboration with ir bart duvekot architecten | Photography: Vincent de Jong | Period: 2020-2021 | Phase: completed

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